sayangilah diri kita sebelum orang menyayangi kita

Isnin, 22 Februari 2010

DO IT NOW!!!!!

If you're got a job to do ,
Do it now!
If it's one you wish were through
Do it now!
If you're sure the job's your own,
Don't hem and haw and groam-
Do it now!
Don't put off a bit of work,
Do it now!
It doesn't pay to shirk,
Do it now!

If youwant to fil a place,
And be useful to the race,
Just get up and take a brace-
Do it now!

Don't linger by the way,
Do it now!
You'll lose if you delay,
Do it now!
If the other fellows wait,
Or postpone until it's late,
You hit up a faster gait-
Do it now!!!!


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